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Default Re: If my team takes (Blank) it will ruin my draft night

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Miss Cleo sees Hassan Whiteside in your future.
That's another one I'd really dislike I forgot about. I haven't seen a lot of his game but reports from people I respect think he's one of the rawest prospects in years. He doesn't know how to play basketball, he's just really long. I saw Jerome Jordan bully his ass for an enitre half. Granted, Jordan's a fringe 1st rounder, but it was embarrassing.
Originally Posted by boozehound
so, start him and cv and have them both stand at the 3 line all game long? Only if you threw hibbert in (even though hes a project).

I was kidding. He is an expirer though, him for Rip straight up's fairly realistic. I wouldn't like it but based on the value of each it's probably fair.

Hibbert's not a project. Whiteside's a project. Hibbert's a 3rd year big coming off 12/6/1.6 with a couple dimes thrown in on just under 50%.

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