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Default Re: John Wall is very overrated

Originally Posted by OhNoTimNoSho
Hey guys, John wall missed a jumpshot hes not fit for the nba.

No kidding. It's also about as casual a workout as you'll ever see. I saw an interview with him immediately after the workout a few days ago, and the kid wasn't even sweating. In the middle of the workout he stopped and shared a few laughs with the coach and GM. The workout itself was basically a dog and pony show (the Wizards are obviously going to pick him, so the workout was a mere formality), and it's likely that the Wizards' brass told him above all else, not to injure himself.

How anyone can extrapolate the belief that he is overrated from that farce of a workout is beyond me. If you've analyzed his game during his time with the Wildcats, and you think that he is overhyped, that's one thing (and perfectly legitimate), but to make that claim based on this workout is ludicrous.
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