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I think it's interesting that you never really hear Avery complimenting Dirk about anything, but then he says something like this about Devin.. this is the exact same kind of nonsense you hear from mavs homers constantly too.. "the Mavs are the deepest team in the league"... "Josh Howard is an all-star player and an MVP candidate".. "Dampier is the second best center in the league"..

They are desperately trying to hide the fact that the Mavs are a one-man-team. It's all fool's gold.. because when we get in the playoffs there will be five defenders on Dirk and the rest of the Mavs playing like complete crap missing all their outside shots.. remember all that talk about how Devin was a great perimeter shooter from shooting all summer before the season started.. then he couldn't hit an outside shot and Avery said Harris didn't really need to shoot.. haha

It's like this deal where Josh played well against bad teams for a couple weeks and now he is an all-star and an MVP cadidate..

Finley used to put up HUGE numbers next to Dirk all the time.. and he stinks.. he's certianly not an all-star calibre player. And he was playing better han Josh.. so how can Josh be an all-star calibre player if we dumped Finley and pay him to be on another team?

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