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Default Re: Pacers offer 10th Pick for Jonny Flynn - Rejected!

Originally Posted by bagelred
What kind of ass backwards logic is that? Who cares when someone is drafted...only matters how good they are. In a redraft, Flynn would go about 15th at best.

If 'Sota hired a new GM this summer and he came in and traded Flynn for the 10th pick, I would understand. He obviously wants to make his mark on the organization and if he felt, as you do, that Flynn was worth the #10 pick in this years draft I can see where he is coming from.

However, if Kahn pulls the same deal it signals to the owner that he royally ****ed up last year and he isn't fit to earn his salary. A MAJOR career limiting move. We all just watched Glen Taylor suffer through McHale for what felt like a decade... Kahn obviously has job security and all he has to do is keep Taylor believing in Kahn's vision for the team.

You DON'T admit to making a mistake of that magnitude if you want to keep your seven figure salary... you just don't. You work with the situation and try to turn it into something decent. If you get canned you get canned but you don't say "Hey boss... I really ****ed up that '09 draft. Ah well, there's always next year, right?"

I haven't watched enough of Flynn to rank him as you have but he still has decent potential, he just didn't set the league on fire last year.
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