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well, here it is the night before the UCLA/Oregon St. game, and i find out that here in Los Angeles, Fox Net decided that it wasn't interesting enough to televise, so they're gonna show the Arizona/Washington game instead...

it's the number one team in the country playing a team from the best-rpi'd conference (pac10, of course :-) where any given team can beat another one one any given day, yet we're not sponge-worthy or whatever (yeah, i know, hadda throw a seinfeld ref in there...)

i'm f'n pissed! I do _not_ miss my boyz on tv, period! I call in sick some days in March! now i'm seriously screwed by tv (LA Times article says not gonna be any cameras in the stadium!)

Oh! The article also listed the Cal 2/22 game, the Wasu 3/1 game, and the Udub 3/3 game as "wild card"-- read iffy!

<sigh...> next they're gonna start calling us the "gutty little bruins" again....

I feel like the Geico Caveman sometimes...

Happy New Year and peace out...
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