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Default Re: Jaguars final season in Jax?

Originally Posted by AirGauge23
Isn't LA Raider Nation II?

Yeah, I'm a big Raider fan but it's only because of their LA roots, I also like the Rams. The Chargers have a pretty stupid fan base at my Uni so I tend to root against them, that and their lame ass SUPERRRRRRRRRCHARGERS chant. Oh also Rivers is a cocky shit head

Originally Posted by knickballer
A 4th Cali team is a bit excessive although LA is a great place for a football team.

Yes indeed! It's completely ridiculous that we don't have one, and that we haven't been able to keep one.....

I usually don't buy into these crazy rumors but damn, if we got the Jags (or anyone else but the Chargers) a whole new direction in sports would open up for a lottttt of people here.

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