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Originally Posted by RobertSwift31
I think that that poll might be a little off, just because of all the hype surrounding this game for Russel. If this poll were done in another two weeks, the numbers would even out.

About the rankings, IMO, Russel>Quinn=Smith, with JaMarcus just a little ahead of both Quinn and Smith.
Smith will obvious be the better pro as he has twice the intangibles of either Russell or Quinn. Russell has been known to lose games he's not supposed to and Quinn can't win games that he's not supposed to.

IMO, Smith's leadership skills account for everything that these alleged "experts" say his lack of height will take away from him.

...btw, anyone notcie how noone on the broadcast said a word as Quinn had atleast three balls batted down today. If I'm not mistaken, Quinn always gets balls batted down at the line of scrimmage (atleast twice against USC). You want to know why? It's because he has a low release point. It's probably lower than Troy Smith as Smith has a fluid over the top throwing motion. But you won't hear any parrots in this thread telling you this because....a.) they simply don't know....b.) they haven't heard it on TV to parrot it back on this board. Whatever.
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