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Default Re: Ridiculously Early Offseason Ideas

Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
Thats pretty tempting for the thunder however I doubt they would do it. I think Scott Brooks really likes Maynor and the way he controls the game. I would take that trade because we already have Westbrook and we could grab a center at #10 but in the end I doubt Presti would accept because he is trying to keep the young core players together.
Rumors floating that this trade's in the negotiation stages, #10 + filler for Maynor + 18 + 21. I think that's too much for #10, so the problem's the filler. At first I thought Brandon Rush but OKC's pretty stacked on the wings. Hibbert's too much and I'm sure Presti knows it.

Maybe if their guy's there, whomever it is, at 10 they just take Solo and deem it worth it.
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