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Default Re: Chad Ford Mock 7.0

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
thanks a lot Cedric!

seems to be the typical NBA mock, nothing too surprising.
I think if Monroe is available, Golden State has to take him. His passing ability and touch outweigh the defense and limited potential for Udoh. Udoh would be a fairly weak 6th pick.

Indiana can't go the "best white guy" route and take Hayward, even if the local hero would sell tickets. Its clear they need a PG, and they should trade this pick if anything or reach for a guy like Bradley if they're planning on reaching anyways.
The hell is NO taking Patterson. They have West, they should take Henry or George if anything....

I can't believe he gets paid to be mediocre
frankly, hes better than the haters think he is. He does have pretty good connections around the league and with the sports agencies. Not to say there isnt some mis-information fed to these guys.

Thanks Ced!
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