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That's what many people had a problem with. She constantly promotes books, cds/dvds, movie, cars, etc. and makes it no secret she likes nice things then goes on to condemn Americans for being consumerists.

Then she builds a school over in Africa because in her own words it'd be a waste to do so in America, and fills it with indoor and outdoor theatres, saunas, spas, salons, etc. as if that isn't going to create the same consumerist mentalities and desires that she so hates.


Oprah has a big problem because she is a beneficiary of our materialistic society and what she sees on the bottom end of this materialistic society is kids who have their priorities mixed up... its so ugly to see when you go visit the youth and see what they are turning into...

its great that Oprah built a school for the less fortunate, I dont care where it was built.....

but it is also sad that Oprah couldnt find the courage to face the problem here in America.... a problem that she herself is apart of..

the answer is simple...Our values have to change if the next generation of kids are to have the proper tools and mindset they need to survive and thrive in the world....
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