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Default Re: NFL Cheerleaders

Originally Posted by -playmaker-
I am a proud homer...but I am right on this, I promise

who has the hottest girls or not is all a matter of opinion...but the Cowboy's Cheerleaders are NOT the most prestigous just "because"...there is a f*ckin reason they are who they are...they take themselves extremely seriously...

So DCC is the only cheerleader group in the NFL that take themselves seriously?

Come on man. Yes, I've given you that the DCC is the most prestigious cheerleading pinnacle as far as cheering goes. But it's always been that way when the Cowboys cheerleaders' started it all with the unique unis and dance routines and stuff. Plus, it's "america's team." I understand what YOU'RE saying, but you don't understand what I'M saying.

Like I said, its like comparing a girl's left and right titties on the same girl. lol
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