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Default Re: **** You Chicago

Originally Posted by ElPigto
I'll tell you why he is so butt hurt. He is pissed because this gives Chicago more cap space. Now Chicago is going to have the ability to bring two max free agents. They can have Bosh/Bron, Wade/Bron, Bron/Wade, etc you get the point. He is pissed because his piece of sh!t team was raped by Morey in order to make the Knicks unload Jeffries. Knicks went all in February. They gave the Rockets Jordan Hill (#8 2009 pick), they gave the Rockets the option to swap draft picks in 2011 (top #1 protected) and they also gave the Rockets a 2012 pick (top #5 protected).

See the Knicks are f*cked if they don't get at least one true superstar to come over (either Bron or Wade). The Knicks are not going to be be able to build for the next two years because the Rockets raped them just to take Jeffries.

Oh shit...
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