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Default Re: Worst Jazz draft pick in history

Originally Posted by Yung D-Will
He brings offensive rebounding. He's a three point shooting threat. He gets to the foul line(30% of his points are from the foul line). He bring excellent size at his position. He's an effective ball handler. And he can be a legit point forward. He's a good passer. And has a high basketball Iq. And he's a good defensive player
His 3 pt shooting is a crap shoot. What did he shoot behind the college 3 last year?? 26%? He is a good rebounder but he wont get many as the 3rd string SF. He brings size but he is not a good defender... so how does that help? SF is one of the most athletic positons, he will just get driven around all day long. Go ahead and look at what he shot behind the COLLEGE 3pt line last year.

I have no problem with this pick at say 18 or so.,,, but at 9!!? there were several better picks Utah could have taken.
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