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Default Re: If you could add 1 current player to your favorite team

Originally Posted by Carbine
Because it devalues him to our team. He's best at man to man, it a blitzing style defense or a cover 1 defense. You can put average corners in a cover 2 scheme and still have the defense run properly.

We don't have the other players to play a cover 1 or blitz a lot and not get burned. So we'd be forced to still play a cover 2 defense with Revis.
every team runs cover think the Jets only run a cover-1?

if you are saying that the Colts play cover 2 the majority of the time, that would still give the FS and SS one less WR to worry about...

Revis would be a huge upgrade to any team in the NFL, except for Dallas where Newman and Jenkins are better than he is...but he could still be our nickle back...
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