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Default Re: Worst Jazz draft pick in history

Originally Posted by Luigi
Sorry man. I would, but I swore off that forum a while back, and I'm sticking to it.
Wow at people pretending that another great white american will never come.

He brings offensive rebounding. He's a three point shooting threat. He gets to the foul line(30% of his points are from the foul line). He bring excellent size at his position. He's an effective ball handler. And he can be a legit point forward. He's a good passer. And has a high basketball Iq. And he's a good defensive player

He was an amazing 3 point shooter but for the second half of the season they forced him to create his 3 point shot off the dribble as opposed to just being a knock down shooter. That's a hard adjustment to make mid season for any young player but he clearly has the ability.

He wasn't a good defender in college?
He spent most of his time defending power forwards whiles his natural position is the 3. But he was still effective because he never gives up on plays he ralerly gives his man lanes to the basket . He also uses his Iq on the defensive end and understand the tendencies of the players he's guarding.

I mean give me a 6'9 forward who can handle the ball, can get to the foul line, can shoot the ball, Has a high basketball iq, can rebound, can slash to the rim, can pass and can defend any day of the year.

Couldn't be happier with our pick

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