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Default Re: Worst Jazz draft pick in history

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
They have Miles, probably Matthews and maybe Korver at the 2 not to mention AK and Price(LOL!). I'd say they needed a 3 more than a 2.

It was especially when they gave him away after he showed he could play. Probably re-sign Boozer and give this pick away too and it won't matter.

Guess we're in the minority on that one. He was no Collins that's for sure. LMAO!

Not sure any of those really came out well. Maynor dumped for nothing. AK overpaid. Tag benched in favor of a stiff.

Than you have Almond over Splitter when you already had Miles/Brewer. Ouch! Plenty of weird picks that didn't turn out that's for sure.
I was talking about how good the player became, not the situation for the team. Ostertage was a guy who gave you lots of rebounds and about 3 blocks in limited minutes before Sloan decided he liked Oden Polynice better (one of the biggest wtf Sloan moments to me) Kirilenko was an allstar, and one of the best defenders in the league. Maynor has been a very good backup in his limited time in the league.
They have Korver, and Mathews, but neither of those players are really starting quality to me. They both have their bonuses, but even compared to brewer, who wasn't that special of a player they're pretty lackluster.
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