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Default Re: Worst Jazz draft pick in history

I just hope this means that Utah has some plans for making a trade for a big that can defend. Maybe this means they are planning to unload AKs contract? I dunno. I will give Hayward this, he has a good bball IQ and looks like he will be a good locker room guy, but that wont mean crap if he can't produce on the court. He is a good passer and played pguard in Highschool so I assume they would like him to take some pressure off Dwill when he is doubled in the backcourt or has a bigger defender on him. I just think there were better options at no. 9 and that utah should have at least looked to trade down if they really wanted this guy, because I highly doubt he would have gone in the top 15. I see him on the bench still in 2 years, but hopefully I am wrong. Something needs to start panning out for Utah or I don't think DWill sticks around.
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