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Default Re: Worst Jazz draft pick in history

Originally Posted by joshwake
I just hope this means that Utah has some plans for making a trade for a big that can defend.

I doubt it. They'll trade to unload money but why do you need bigs when you have Okur and Fessenko. ROTFLMAO!

Maybe this means they are planning to unload AKs contract?

Doubt it. They've hung on to him this long. They'll let him expire and try to re-sign him on the cheap next summer. They blew it when they didn't trade him for Marion. Last year would have been totally different. Still have Brewer, Maynor and myabe Marion.

I see him on the bench still in 2 years

Probably cuz Jerry is the coach not necessarily cuz he can't play.

Something needs to start panning out for Utah or I don't think DWill sticks around.

Looks unlikely anyway.
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