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Default Re: Forget free agency, DeMarcus Cousins landed in Sacramento; IT'S OVER FOR THE NBA

Originally Posted by Showtime
Again, Artest had problems upstairs prior to coming to Sac. It's not like he had a meltdown with the kings. He had issues on and off the court prior to being traded to the kings.

And his domestic violence charge wasn't for beating his wife. They both pushed each other, and she hit his car with something as he was leaving ala Tiger. He got charged, didn't fight it, and got 10 days in jail.


I would love for you to explain how their current frontcourt is "garbage".

Kings have no direction, and no veterans to take Cousins in and show him how to be professional. Their frontcourt consists of Jason Thompson, a guy with no offensive game, that had essentially played himself out of the starting lineup by the end of last season.... and Sammy Dalembert... a guy known for having his own mental and maturity issues, who plays unmotivated and uninspired basketball half the time.

But, like I said, Cousins will immediately be the best frontcourt scorer on the team, so his numbers should be decent.
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