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Default Re: Forget free agency, DeMarcus Cousins landed in Sacramento; IT'S OVER FOR THE NBA

Originally Posted by bdreason
Kings have no direction,

WTF? They have one of the best GM's in the league, an experienced coach, and their new direction is obviously about getting more physical and athletic. You want to talk about no direction? Take a look at minnesota.

and no veterans to take Cousins in and show him how to be professional.

A player doesn't need to be 35 to be a good example. They have quality professionals on the court and on the bench. Aside from Westphal, they also have assistants Mario Ellie and Truck Robinson. You may be too young to know who they are, so why do I even bother?

Their frontcourt consists of Jason Thompson, a guy with no offensive game, that had essentially played himself out of the starting lineup by the end of last season....

No offensive game around the basket, but he does have a face up jumper and gets putbacks with his hustle. And the acquisition of Landry and injuries were factors in him coming off the bench. Let's not act like he's Tyson Chandler on offense.

and Sammy Dalembert... a guy known for having his own mental and maturity issues, who plays unmotivated and uninspired basketball half the time.

Fine, but that half the time is good enough to be one of the better rebounders and shot blocking centers, and they don't need to rely on his inconsistency for big minutes with the depth they have. They just need him to come in and block some shots now and then, and can bench him whenever. Also, he's in a contract season, so he's more likely to give a better effort this upcoming season.

But, like I said, Cousins will immediately be the best frontcourt scorer on the team, so his numbers should be decent.

You also said their entire frontcourt is garbage, which it isn't. Thanks for ignoring Landry, who was one of the bright spots for Houston prior to being traded. He's a solid PF who can score and Brockman is the smash mouth 12th man. Top to bottom, they have a very good frontline. Young, and inexperienced, but talented nonetheless. They are not garbage.
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