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Originally Posted by Hawker
Ok, lebrons shot ANYBODY couldv'e been lucky enough to make that. It is not like because Lebron made that he is a better player. Not everyone couldve made the shot that gilbert made. Actually, looking at lebron's history on clutch plays, I doubt lebron couldve done the same gil did.
Yeah... LeBron wouldn't know anything about 'being clutch'... especially when comparing him to a Washington Wizard. Man.... some people have short memories.

I remember a certain player hitting two game-winning shots in the PLAYOFFS last year and setting up a teammate for the series ending 3 pointer. I also remember this same player whispering something in the ear of a player on the opposing team while he was at the free throw line... said player then missed two free throws that led to the series ending shot.

Wait, wait, wait.... who is anti-clutch again?

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