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Default Re: Forget free agency, DeMarcus Cousins landed in Sacramento; IT'S OVER FOR THE NBA

Nice to see Sactown going in the right direction again. Cousins may be immature but dude is a competitor and wants to be regarded as the best among his peers and I think he will eventually mold into a more mature player. I don't watch much college ball but from what I've seen and heard about him, dude can run the floor, rebound, bang down low, and is a skilled passer for a big. Can he harness that talent into results? I think he can and will be a perennial 20/10 guy. People are being too hard on him imo.

I don't know if Sac-Town will be an elite team down the road, but the future is looking bright atm. Evans is already a borderline top 5 sg in the league, Landry seems to have been forgotten and is a banger in the low post and is a pretty damn good crunch time player as well, Caspi and Greene are both 22 and have decent game as well, and Thompson can crash the offensive glass and has a nice face up game as well. The average age of the King's nucleus is also under 25 so they should be around for a while.
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