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Default Re: **** You Chicago

Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
Am I missing something here?

Rose - 5.6
Noah - 3.1
Deng - 11.3
Gibson - 1.1
JJ - 1.7
7 cap holds @ 440k each = 3.1

Total Salary/holds= 25.9m
Expected Cap = $55m
Salary Space = 29m

Max Contract ~ 16.5m
2 Max Contracts ~33m

To me, it looks like Chicago is about $4m short of a 2nd max FA.

Nope, you are right. Bucher basically said last night ITS CLOSE ENOUGH! so ESPN changed from what they said (that they are short) to ITS ENOUGH!

But no one here cares, i did the same math you did yesterday.
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