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Default Re: **** You Chicago

Originally Posted by Glide2keva
How so? Our fanbase wasn't making lebron jerseys Photoshops for two years now. We weren't practically begging this guy to come here. We didn't tank two years and make absolutely no moves in order to get him.

We've made the playoffs five of the last six years without lebron. We've been one of the top defensive teams in the league without lebron. We've had an all star on our team without lebron.

What have the knicks done in that stretch? Nothing but pin their hopes on getting lebron to come and save their team for the last two seasons. They were dumb to think other teams weren't going to make some moves to get in on all the free agents this summer.

Now the Bulls have an all star point guard, a young battle tested defensive minded center who can get you 15/13 a night and cap room to bring in a top free agent that could turn this perennial playoff team into a contender while the knicks will still be in rebuilding mode. Add to the fact that our new coach is a defensive genius, it makes the Bulls that much more attractive a spot to land for any free agent.

Whose front office looks foolish and which one looks smart?

It's okay, you can say it.

Plus, Kobe had legends he was following after: magic, kareem, West, Wilt, Mikan, Baylor.

lebron would be following after one legend in Jordan.

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