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Default Re: Undrafted Players- Summer League Invite list

Originally Posted by fatboy11
I'll take that as a white flag.
I'll take that as you're using statistics instead of your eyes. I'm a Collins fan. You can see the write up I did on him here. But denying he has a weight problem is flat out dumb.

Here's another link for you, an article I posted on here where Self comments on his weight.

And here's a more recent one of Self commenting on his weight...

“Well, his weight has fluctuated a lot,” said Self, who last spoke with Collins over the weekend, when he weighed in at 219 pounds in Portland.

“He’s been as low as 207 and as high as 229 based on what I heard in a span of two months. It’s a big fluctuation. He’s very capable of keeping it down. I know there’s no 220-pound point guards in that league. That probably has not helped him at all.

“One good thing,” Self noted, “is Sherron has shown he can lose weight. He can gain or lose weight the easiest of any human being I’ve seen. He can lose 12 pounds in a week or put on weight in a week. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s down to 210 by Thursday. Unfortunately for him, he weighed more than that in Chicago (during official draft measurements when he was 217).

“The thing with Sherron, whenever he gets hurt and can’t work out, that’s when he puts on weight,” Self explained. “Sherron hurt his groin (within last month) and couldn’t work out. At that time he put on some weight.”

Collins has been battling injuries to his groin and his hand since the combine. That's limited what he can do, and as a result he seems to have fallen badly out of shape. Collins weighed 217 pounds at the combine, which is already a lot for a player that doesn't crack 6-feet. But in New Jersey he weighed a whopping 229. He gained 12 pounds in the course of under three weeks. Collins struggled with weight issues his whole college career and it's going to hurt his draft stock. Every GM in the league thinks he has talent, but all of them are concerned he'll lack the discipline to keep himself in the shape he needs to excel in the league. If he were 6-10 like Pittman, I think GMs would look the other way. But at 5-10, I'm not sure.

And more. The weight is an issue.
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