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Default Re: Undrafted Players- Summer League Invite list

Weight is an issue when he gets hurt. It is for a lot of people. His own coach said he can drop weight like it's nothing. What's the problem? He went undrafted because he's short. Don't kid yourself. That weight helps him a lot of times. Could he be in better shape? Sure. We all could. But he isn't fat. He isn't out of shape. That's all a bunch of bullshit. All these "experts" need to fill up the page and "The guy is just too short" doesn't do that.

You say he gets winded, but he played a ton of minutes as an upperclassmen. And you act like I haven't seen the kid play. Who hasn't seen a ton of Kansas basketball on TV? I don't give a shit if you're a "Collins fan" like that gives you some greater insight into a player who millions of people saw play just as much as you did. I never once, not one time, thought that he was out of shape. Guys get tired. Especially when they log big minutes. It happens. He also played through a number of injuries, IIRC.

If weight didn't keep Khalid El-Amin from being drafted, it didn't keep Sherron Collins from being drafted. League is cracking down on undersized guards these days. Very few of those guys get a chance (and Collins could still get one). But let's not like that he's out of shape or fat. That, young man, is just flat out dumb. You can't be out of shape or fat and do the things I've seen this kid do over the past few years. There's always room for improvement and every single pro athlete out there should be looking to get in better shape to stay on top, but Sherron Collins is just a bulky dude. That's he's frame. That's where "weight is just a number" comes in because 230 doesn't necessarily make you fat or out of shape, even at under 6 foot, if you carry it well.
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