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Default Re: My ideas to Improve the NBA DRAFT!!!

I would re-write the entire draft.

Something is seriously wrong when the absolute worst team misses the #1 pick THIS often. I'm not saying that it should be fixed to where the last place team gets a guarenteed #1 pick either.

Change the rules so that the worst record in each division is in the first lottery bracket, if all of the teams in a certain division make the playoffs, those teams do not qualify for the top pick bracket. So you could technically have only 2 teams fighting for that #1 pick, but more often you'll see 4 teams in the chase. Of those 4 teams, the worst record has the highest odds to win, although the best of those 4 teams still has a chance to land #1.
Then you establish the next bracket based on which confrence has the worst overall record, and the worst 2 teams in that conf get the best odds, regardless if they have better records than the rest of the lottery teams.
Also, if a team has a .500 record or better, but misses the playoffs, their odds in the 2nd bracket will immediately be locked at the lowest possible odds to win the 2nd bracket. So if 4 teams fall under this category, regardless if one team is 41-41 and another is 43-39, they will have the same low odds.
Next, you have a playoff bracket. The Finals teams lock the 29th and 30th pick, even if an 8th seed makes it to the finals, kind of like the NFL. The teams that lose in the 1st round will automatically get placed with the best odds in the playoff bracket, giving a slight edge to teams with worse records. So a 40-42 team would get better odds in the PO bracket than the team with a 50-32 record. Then continue this for the losers of the semi's, and CFs.

3 brackets, a bit of tank protection, and a very small amount of draft power ballancing to the weaker confrence. Better chance for the worst teams to land the top pick. Better ballancing than the current system.
Also, it makes for a more entertaining lotto day, because damn near all teams have a small part invested in it. The NBA could hold the lotto as soon as the final teams are decided if it wants, giving each team plenty of time to prepare.
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