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Default Re: My ideas to Improve the NBA DRAFT!!!

Originally Posted by Rekindled
1. make the lottery happen right before the draft, this creates more drama for the draft, the draft has become too predictable it's almost boring now. there will be a lot more possibilities and twists because teams will have to react faster.

2. make the last 10 spots of the lottery more random. as of right now, the late lottery teams have like 90%+ chance of standing pat at their spot during the ping pong ball draws.

change it so for example the 14th most ping pong ball team has a good chance to be either 12th,13th ,14th instead of just 99% chance of 14th or move into top 3. makes the lottery more interesting.

3. have cameras showing all the potential draftees for the pick when stern is about to announce it so we can see the reaction, like the academy award show .

4. have each team send a player to interview their draft pick, i think it makes it more interesting.

5. get some new analyst , jvg and barry dont even know any of the prospects. get draft experts like david thorpe , chad ford or ryen russello .

I agree with all of this. I was hyped for this draft because of Wall, but when the day came all my enthusiasm had gone away due to the big free agency thing in addition to most of the top picks being a given for the most part. 05 (or 04, with Lebron) draft was so much fun to watch.

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