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Default Re: Spacing & Scoring

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Yea but to just pull up when you blow by your guy is not putting any pressure on the D. I mean if you can make that shot 90% of the time then ok... but I'd still rather have my guy attack the basket or kick it out for an open 3... but it would depend on the personnel. If you have Kyle Korver out there on the wing.. you better pass it to him... if you have Marvin Williams... yea maybe the pullup is a better idea

Yea I don't want the pullup because I can get that shot easily, I want to get to the rack and get AND1s put players in foul trouble. The help is coming quickly so I just mainly pass it to one of my post players cutting to the basket and I had like 6 assists on that alone.

ALSO I need help with my defense badly. I have bad reaction time how do I improve this?
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