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well, not as much as you might think. collateral damage is just a nice way of saying oops we killed a few innocent people. muslims are for the large majority crazy people always ready to fight. not saying saddam was right, but what ever saddam did, he had the country under control. now that we 'liberated' it, total anarchy has broken out. bush hated saddam b/c he tried to kill his daddy. war against terror gave him an excuse and halliburton/chene pushed him over the edge. there were no links to al quaida and neither were any wmd's found.

i see only 2 ways out of it. we either high tail it out of there or iraq breaks up into smaller countries based on where the majority of *****e/sunni/kurdish populations reside and that would mean more fighting over oil rich areas. if the latter happens, look for the sunni state to be more of a militant state and look for the us having permanent military bases in the *****e state.

now that the communism is coming to an end, we now have to worry about a radical islamist form of govt.

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