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Default How Can I get back in shape?

I havnt Went outside for like 2 months now. Been Playing the 2k10 on the ps3.
Last time I Weighed 165 LBS , But I think I Grew a little I was 5'10 before I stopped goin outside , Im 5'11 Now i Guess, Cuz I feel a little tall. im 15 years old.

I went outside once last week to shoot some hoops and I DEFINITELY LOST MY SKILLS!

Goin back to the Philippines is the only way for me to get my game back but its impossible now cuz my mom knew that I drink over there.

I dont know whats my weight now..
I Practiced some Low-post move from 2k10 and it really looks good for display .. lol.. laughin at my self for now.. but im gonna get this shit straight.....

How Can i Start?
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