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Default Re: DarkSephiroth u should've been @ the NBA Combine

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth

OP is just hating for no reason. He doesn't believe anyone can shoot 3/4 from behind the college three when shooting around wide open.

I played College basketball and was the most consistent shooter on my team. I'm also 6'0 and a measly 145 lbs. cuz I'm half Chinese. I'm frail as a piece of plastic, and my ankles are made of glass.

What's the big deal? OP clearly doesn't know many skilled basketball players if he doesn't know one person that can shoot the ball well.

lol, the question isn't whether it was possible, the question is whether you can do it. you came in here saying you shoot 75-80% and you can dunk, so post a vid. what's wrong w/ that?

question was never whether it was humanly possible. I was really just trying to poke fun at you until you posted a vid of of 50 jumpers to see your form. if you can hit 75-80% then i'll give you props and enjoy watching the vid. I actually like watching nice strokes, i have a youtube playlist of kobe, ray, and arenas just taking shooting practice.

i don't know you, so i would never say you couldn't do it- just want to see it. if you came in here saying you had a really nice car, post it- i just want to see it. what's wrong w/ that? how am I a hater?

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