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Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
Among the *ahem*, leading posters, post count I mean, that we have several over 5,000. I myself have just cracked over 500. And I guess the leader (loser) since they go hand in hand, between two accounts has over 5,800 with one and 1,300 with another.

That's over 7,000. Mind-boggling. For the life of me I can't find that many topics a week to respond to that would garner me over a hundred posts a month. ....a couple of posters with over 5,000. You guys posting from home, school, work or all of the above. Please. Tell me. I've had many a sleepless night and can't rest til I know the answer. Man has asked himself this question since the beginning of time. This just may be the secret of life. Enlighten me.

This is how:

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