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Default Re: Pacers home arena issues continue

Originally Posted by jbot
so if there's no deal by wednesday, they're done for?
No. You've gotta remember after Wednesday is July 1st, meaning the new NBA season begins. They put out that "deadline" around 6 weeks ago because they'd obviously like to start a new season knowing what their financial situation will be like.

I saw a report a few weeks ago that said the CIB offered a 3 year lease plan, CIB picks up the $15mm, gets half of all non-NBA revenue, then after 3 years a new CBA's in place between the league and union and everything's much more clear about what needs to be done with the Fieldhouse. The Pacers walked away from the table. I'm all for playing hardball, but walking away from that is just stupid. I love this franchise, but I'm not about to let them try and hold the city hostage.

I don't care what Bird says, find me a buyer that'll pay $150mm for breaking the lease on top of the cost of the franchise and all the moving costs. It doesn't exist. The team's not moving, not unless they go to court and somehow overturn the lease. If they do that I'll pack their bags.
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