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Default Re: DarkSephiroth u should've been @ the NBA Combine

Originally Posted by devin112
because when you go online and say you can do something, why not prove it? why is that concept so difficult for you to understand?

It is difficult for me to understand why he needs to film a video of him shooting 3's so people on the internet will believe he has an ability? Thats retarded, and a MASSIVE waste of time.

Ohhh... I am a dumb kid right. Learning from someone who knows what the **** they are doing is dumb? It's easy to see that he is better than me, even from a highlight reel. He also played HS basketball. This year, I made JV reserves, I SUCKED. Next year is a different story if I learn from people who are better than me. He clearly is, and he is also in my area.

I just offered, it isn't even guarenteed that it will happen. You're the sorry ass for being so hung up on something that doesn't even matter. I would also point out that you are trying insult a kid on the internet, and that makes you a first class douchebag.
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