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Default Random facts to help pass the time.

Jordan was second in DPOY voting in 1993 and 3rd in 1992. But in 1991 he was one of 5 players to get only 1 vote. He was tied with Stockton and Derek Harper but behind Dumars and Alvin Robertson.

In 1988 Patrick Ewing played all 82 games and in only 31 minutes a game averaged 20/8 with 3 blocks on 56% shooting. The Knicks made the playoffs. His teammate Mark Jackson recieved 2 more MVP votes than he did. Unrelated but....Mark Jacksons salary in 1988 was 115,000 dollars.

In 1978 Doctor J finished 10th in MVP voting on a team that won 55 games. And its not like he wasnt established. He had just put up 30/7/5 in the 77 finals with 37 and 40 the last 2 games. He recieved 1 vote. Same as Marvin webster who you dont know and have no reason to know. In 79 they won 47 and he was one of 19 players tied for 11th with 1 vote. World B Free got 5 votes on the Clippers who won 43 games. But in 1980 he was second, in 81 he won, in 82 he was third. I kinda wonder what happened. Not like it wash im finally seeing success. He was in the finals in his first NBA season and then won 55 his second. Its the kinds of thing I wish I could have seen for myself. If perception of him changed or did he change something.

In 1994 the Hawks entire team made about 22 million dollars and won 57 games. In 2000 the team made 43 million and they won 28 games. Im suprised the owners ever let the salaries get to where they did....that quickly.

1991 Kenny Smith and hakeem were both on the rockets...and Kenny finished ahead of Hakeem in MVP voting. Hakeem missed a lot of games...but not too many to not be up for awards. He could recieve them. And did get votes. But Kenny got a 3rd place vote in there that made his total higher.

6 players on the 1976 Bullets got an MVP vote in the top 3. They won 48 games that year. And 6 players got a top 3 MVP vote.
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