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Default Re: DarkSephiroth u should've been @ the NBA Combine

Originally Posted by a rock
It is difficult for me to understand why he needs to film a video of him shooting 3's so people on the internet will believe he has an ability? Thats retarded, and a MASSIVE waste of time.

Ohhh... I am a dumb kid right. Learning from someone who knows what the **** they are doing is dumb? It's easy to see that he is better than me, even from a highlight reel. He also played HS basketball. This year, I made JV reserves, I SUCKED. Next year is a different story if I learn from people who are better than me. He clearly is, and he is also in my area.

I just offered, it isn't even guarenteed that it will happen. You're the sorry ass for being so hung up on something that doesn't even matter. I would also point out that you are trying insult a kid on the internet, and that makes you a first class douchebag.

Im saying.
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