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Do we really want Biedrins paired up with Nene? The guy is Nene's near identical, except he rebounds a little bit more and blocks a couple more. Both very unselfish guys who shoot very high percentages from the field. Both however, not known for their defense. Sure it makes us bigger up front, but the two are so damn alike that teams are going to figure out how to play them right away. Can you imagine guys just hacking away at Beidrins in crucial game times knowing that the guy can't make a free throw to save his own life?

You also gotta deal with the fact that he's been hurt for a while now, how do we know this is going to be the same guy from 2 years ago? There's just too many too many risks and even though I'd love to get rid of KMarts gargantuan contract for a big, I don't think it would be wise to go for someone like Biedrins when we already have Nene.

Also, VRad is crap. Horrible shooter and currently injured. What's he done recently for one to say, "oh man this guy is pretty good?" At best, he's an okay backup, but not for 7 mil, even if it's expiring. Sorry Rad.
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