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Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
Do you know anything about Biedrins... now I'm not saying he's a great center, but you pretty much described the opposite of him... he's actually a great fit next to Nene IMO... Biedrins is a defensive rebounding center with no offensive skills... he shoots a high percentage b/c he only shoots lay ups and put packs... so he actually is a good fit next to Nene... is he the best player we could get for KMart? no... but he's better than having KMart b/c at this point KMart might not even be healthy for training camp
So you're telling me that the two are shockingly similar, except the guy can rebound a little more and therefore make a good fit?

As for your point about KMart being injured, how is Biedrins any less injury prone than KMart at this point? The guy played how many games last season? And what's he doing right now? Oh the same thing Kenyon is doing, recouping from a serious injury.
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