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Originally Posted by TruthMHz
Well, for one, Nike and other shoe companies spend alot of time and money on R&D for technology in the shoes we wear. Buying cheap poorly made fakes don't support this, you have talented people designing shoes to be knocked-off by some overseas manufacturer looking to make a quick buck. That's just unethical. Bottom line... fakes are fakes inside and out. Would you buy a fake Ferrari just coz it looked like it? Not taking into account the quality of the engine, parts and such? I wouldn't. It sucks to see so many people wearing fakes its sad.

There's a great article in Sneaker Freaker's Vol 8., where they interview Richard Stanwix, head of Brand Security for Nike. They go into the whole fakes issue. Look for it, it's really informative and shows a good prespective on why you shouldn't support buying fake shoes.

Couldn't agree any more.
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