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Default Orlando Magic team thread - Carney turning heads, Magic still trying to move up.

Let's see if we can keep this one alive. Had enough bandwagoners at the end of the year, should be possible. Once next season starts I believe it'll go on indefinitely, but until then...

Here's to hoping Darko starts next year...

Pretty positive we'll be letting go of Outlaw (probable retirement). Kasun is going overseas, as he is done with the NBA. Augmon is retiring I think. Hill might be on the shelf all season, again... and Diener... well Diener will always be inactive unless Arroyo or Nelson go down.

So that leaves 3 roster spots open.

Everyone needs to hope and pray that we re-sign Trevor Ariza though because once that kid develops a jumpshot, he will become a top 30 player in this league, and he'll do it in a damn hurry. Guy is all effort all the time, he's a great slasher, defender & rebounder. Once that jumpshot starts falling, it's smooth sailing for Trevor Ariza and the team he's on. But until then he's just a roleplayer.

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