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Originally Posted by TiMavericks21
Defensively, he was weak and deserved to get pulled for that performance. However, the commentators were speaking like he had an atrocious shooting night, which he didn't, he didn't take many shots. He was 0-4 FG, which constitutes a poor game for him because his head obviously wasn't in the game. Great move by Avery to recognize this. I'm pretty excited about the way Devean George has been playing. His shot has been "money in the bank" and his defense and rebounding have been superb. I agree, I'm still not sold on Buckner, but Stack looked good while he was in last night, Avery was just resting his ankle so he doesn't further that injury. Don't get me wrong, I love Stack, but it's important that they have him healthy and energized come playoff time that making MAJOR contributions during the regular season. His ability to post up smalling SG's in invaluable and when the time comes he'll be ready. Lastly, what's the deal with these Anthony Johnson trade rumors. I don't really understand when a team is playing extremely well, why make a trade. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's probably just speculation, but I don't know if I like tinkering with their rotation right now. One of the reasons they acquired him was for playoff experience, so no need to make any transactions at the moment. Big game tonight, let's get that W.

I agree with you on Stack. I'm in the camp that likes what he does. I should've clarified that by saying we need more from Stack, I meant we could use the offense we weren't getting while he was out. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see his time really monitored over the course of the season.

I don't know where the AJ stuff started. While I haven't cared much for the way the offense comes to a halt when he is in. I do think his defense has been ok. I'm a little disappointed in his play to date. But do they really think Barea is ready to take that 3rd pg role? I sure hope not.
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