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Default Trade a good idea?

I'm not completly convinced that trading Boozer is a good idea. One one hand he's missed an insane amount of games the last two seasons, especially last season, but on the other side when he's healthy he's been really solid. Really solid, but not great. More importantly, it has yet to be seen what this current squad can do together for a whole healthy season. The potential Chicago trade is extremely tempting if that has any truth, but I don't see where trading with Memphis can go because I don't see them giving up Gasol in any case. But at the same time, I could see the Jazz mess it all up and trade Boozer to Memphis for far below his worth just because they're afraid he'll get hurt again and that he doesn't like Utah. Here's my prediction. If the Jazz trade Boozer, it won't be worth it for them and not only will Boozer be completly healthy for whatever team he plays for next season, he'll put up better numbers than anytime he spent on the floor for the Jazz.
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