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my $0.02...

-Nocioni was better than expected..

-Hinrich, Duhon, Deng, Pike, and Gordon (although he had a slight sophomore slump, as defenses focused on him more) performed as expected.

-Tyson, Pargo (he is a "chucker"), and the revolving door of F/C (Allen, Sweetney, 'Oldfella', Schensher) underperformed.

-Songaila was performing well before injury, so he gets an "Incomplete."

-Skiles gets a "B".. he had the defense playing well, but I thought he had some questionable rotations/substitutions, especially early in the season.

-Paxson didn't make any major moves during the season, knowing he would have cap space and 2 draft picks.

Overall, The Bulls finished about where I expected them to end up, after trading Curry. This next year, they should look to break the top 4 in the east, with a more mature team, and with some smart moves in the draft and free agency.

I think Deng and Chandler will have break-out seasons this year (just a hunch).
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