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I seriously doubt the Hawks would ever consider that deal. Yes they need a Center. But Jamal is too much a " Sloth "
He is too inconsistent, not Athletic and is a horrid defender, gives up way more than he ever gets. The Hawks would want a Center yes. But I feel they would want more of a defensive & Rebounding Center, someone like Samuel Dalembert. He's not offensively fluid, but he can change the game defensively. If Atl offered someone like Smith and a 2nd rounder, maybe Philly does it cause they want to go in a different direction. They have the Cap space to take in Dalembert's contract easily. Then they MIGHT want to see if a deal down to around 8-9 can happen with either Houston or Golden State, preferably GS, cause they could get # 9 pick for # 5, and secure maybe a good young player as well, and then draft the best PURE PG in this draft in Marcus Williams, who it looks like will fall to at least the 9th pick.

That's what I might try to do if I were the Hawks GM. Addresses the Center needs with D & Rebounding. Gets a player from GS, and the 9th pick. And it gives them Marcus Williams. Nice start.
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