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Originally Posted by Silent Mav
Oberto tonight scored more than Elson did the first game. 2nd game Elson scored 2 points and Dirk scored 31. Oberto scored 14 the second game. So you really are reaching off the first game. Dirk still went for 21 and 11 the first game. Don't make it sound like Elson would've been the difference tonight. And please keep up your consescending tone which started in the playoffs last year. Like you are entitled to be the best team in Texas. And how a former Spur is the Mavs coach. Especially since you have a former Mav stinking right now. It makes it that much sweeter.

I for one do not take the Spurs lightly. We all know that games in January mean nothing and they will be there come playoff time. But all this bitter crap you are throwing out right now is really unbecoming.

We will see on the Elson situation. He did not play much of the first game but when he did he did he made quite a difference on the D. Dirk had a real hard time with him. Really you go look at the tape. As for the tone I will continue to razz the ***** out of new Mav fans, unreasonable jerks and but heads. Since you do no fall in this catagory why react. Believe me Mav fans as a whole are easy to mess with. I leave you alone, Miles too sometime Kent but sometimes not because Kent has such a good time with it and No one in the entire Mavs fam can talk **** like Kent when he puts his mind to it. One more thing...e-rasberry
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