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Originally Posted by mavsfan4zindagi
If thats the case, then why go on rambling about what Fransisco Elson is gonna do to Dirk and whatever. If its such a long season, then why make such bitter comments?

The Mavs CLEARY cared more about beating the Spurs then winning the championship? Guess it was a mistake for them to keep playing after that series since they CLEARY didn't care as much anymore.

Silent is right, you feel like the Spurs are entitled to be the best team in the state and its really showing right now.
I think the state has three good teams. I have always pulled for the Mavs or Rockets if they were not playing the Spurs. As for the "continued to play" thing Do you Honestly think the Heat were anywhere close to a match for your squad or our squad last year? I do not. The Mavs were the best team in the NBA by a narrow margin over my Spurs last year. It made me sick when they lost. Not to mention it made my bookie happy. You have a great team. The season is looooooooong and the stupid ass Spurs are not playing anywhere up to thier potential. They usuaqlly do not kick in until after all star break. Check the history. Sad, Stupid and true. Every win counts and every loss counts. When your team doesn't have that same attitude it really pisses you off. I am glad the Mavs are focused again. Maybe they will now stay focused. I hope they are at their best AND that they meet with the Spurs in the playoffs. May the best team win. I have no interest in winning if we are not the best team. This could be your time. If it is I will once again pull for, scream for and yell at your team. A Texas team winning it all is the only acceptable outcome IMO. But it is up to the Mavs or Spurs to make it happen. Its a long season. Stay healthy and keep winning. I prefer to be the road team this year anyway. Love to be the underdog.
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