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Sorry, was a little busy through the weekend.

Posterize, you could've sent me a PM

Anyway, as you guessed I'm not from the US. I'm from latin america, although I have some (half) asian roots, and I'll just leave it as that. I started playing basketball when I was 13~14 and then naturally got interested in the NBA. I kept a couple of years being a general basketball fan, not rooting for any specific team. But it's always fun when you have some team to root for. I was tempted by the Trailblazers -I liked Sheed, Rastamonsta and Sabonis quite a bit-, but then a college player got my attention: Allen Iverson.

In the Answer's rookie season I made my mind that I would be rooting for the Sixers, and I've been doing so ever since.

I guess that's it. Many times I've felt that guys like you or GOBB, that actually live in Philly, should be modding this place, but whatever.

One of my dreams is to someday watch a NBA game live. The times I've been there have been in the offseason. Since that's literally my only motivation to go to the US, don't know when that will be happening, but I hope I can count on you guys to show me around

Share your stories guys. It's offseason and there isn't much to talk about anyway
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