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Default Re: Amare a Knick, where does that leave D. Lee?

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
9 Mil? I'll rather use that to get Luis Scola..maybe 7 mil, use about 6 mil for JJ Redick, 5 for Roger Mason....

Nonsense! Scola is 30. He's had has best days. Lee is about three years younger, and probably won't get better but if you give Scola 5 years at 7million you'll regret that the last two years. While Lee will be playing himself down towards 5-8million dollar range. Now for the Nonsense! JJ redick isn't getting 6million there's a reason he's a role player on most teams, all he can do is shoot.

Instead I propose giving Lee 9million Redick 4million and tossing 6million a year on Ronnie Brewer. Leaving around 11million left to fill out the rosters, and save for future contract extensions.
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