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An injust decision for an All-Star game? Wouldn't be the first. The players have to be humble and admit they aren't worthy. I remember a year that Vince Carter was hurt practically all of the beginning of the season and he was leading the ballots. I wouldn't hold my breath for Curry. Shaq is among the leaders in votes for the center position. Maybe some other time for Curry.

He'd look funny in an All-Star game. All of the talented and proven players around him he'd look like he doesn't know what he's doing...just like when he plays for the Knicks. He'd be confused with a point guard like Andre Miller leading the charge and doing no look passes and Curry seeing something he's NEVER seen before....someone penetrating and breaking down a defense and dishing it out to thw wing. If he did catch it he'd miss it cuz his jumpshot sucks.
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